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Learning Labs and Spellex.

Spellex's Ted Pratt will be showcasing the brand new Spellex Write-Assist software which is available as a literacy toolbar as well as a Google Chrome and Windows Edge plug-in.

  • Use both text to speech and speech to text on any website.
  • Change your font to the special type font designed specifically for individuals with dyslexia.
  • Use MedXpand to quickly type abbreviations in full. 

Both webinars will also feature an in-depth look at the new Learning Labs mental wellness concept, the Six Domains of Mental Wellness, and a live demonstration of the new Learning Labs mental wellness hub. 

  • Learn about mental wellness through completing one of the Six Domain Labs.
  • Assess your own current state of mental wellness using the mental wellness domains assessments.
  • Develop your mental wellness through bite-sized Action Labs.
  • Invite a mentor to share your learning journey. 

What will the webinar include?

  • Live demonstrations of Learning Labs and Spellex.
  • The opportunity to ask any questions about Spellex, and the new Learning Labs mental wellness hub.
  • Free licences for all software on any webinar you attend.
  • CPD certificates.

Got a question?

We hope to see you on the webinar, if you have any questions in the meantime you are very welcome to get in touch directly.

Email to discuss all the benefits of using Learning Labs.