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Responding to student concerns and hybrid learning post-pandemic

As thoughts turn to the new academic year and what it may entail Learning Labs' Michelle Brown and Emma Sheakey will be joined by Present Pal's Joe Dawber for a series of free joint webinars.

Over the course of an hour Michelle, Emma and Joe will discuss and demonstrate how digital solutions can support DSA students within the new hybrid learning landscape.

As part of the webinar Michelle and Emma will be discussing some of the insights from the recent ‘Your DSA support and Covid-19 student survey’ from the Association of Non-Medical Help Providers.

The survey was completed by 2,886 students and covered a range of topics from effectiveness of remote learning to the impact the pandemic has had on their DSA learning support.

Present Pal logo

Present Pal’s UK Education Manager, Joe Dawber, will give a live demonstration of the new Present Pal V3 which comes with a whole host of new features to help relieve anxiety when presenting online or in person.

The newest member of the Learning Labs team, Michelle, will give a live demonstration of Learning Labs which includes assistive technology, accessibility tools, study and career skills and new mental wellness hub.

Why should I attend?

  • Join in on an engaging and enjoyable webinar with other DSA professionals.
  • Learn what DSA professionals and students think the future of NMH and Assistive Technology support looks like.
  • See first-hand how digital solutions can support hybrid learning in a post-pandemic world.
  • Take away  a CPD certificate and a free licence for Learning Labs and Present Pal, so you can also experience the benefits of these digital tools.