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Checking your physical health is easy, but how do you check in with yourself mentally?

Our recent study* into understanding mental wellbeing produced The Six Domains of Mental Wellness™. Want to get a snapshot of your current mental wellbeing? Answer the questions in the domain wheel above to reveal more.

*The Check in with yourself awareness campaign and The Six Domains of Mental Wellness™ are created by e-learning specialist Learning Labs in partnership with the New Economic Foundation. You can access the official research report behind this concept here

The Six Domains of Mental Wellness™

The pathway to checking in with yourself.

What did you discover?

Checking in with yourself should reveal your strengths and weaknesses in your mental wellness. And that’s OK! Everyone has different areas of mental strengths and weaknesses – but being aware of them is what is empowering.

Armed with this knowledge you can now take action to develop your mental wellness.

Over time, checking in with yourself regularly should show how far you’ve come and if there are always particular domains that need more attention than others you can take control of your own mental wellness.

You are in control

What's happening in Higher Education?

There has been an increasing concern for Higher Education students mental wellbeing over the last few years, which has only been exacerbated by the effects of the global pandemic. 

Studies are showing that this will continue to have a lasting impact for many years to come.

Higher Education providers have not only received increased pressure from Government and student families to provide better support for students, but have also had to face unprecedented challenges as Higher Education staff themselves. 

There is a current need to raise awareness of the issues, but also of the effective data-driven solutions that can have a positive impact. 

Download and share our infographic to help support conversations with your networks on the need for digital, data-driven solutions to support mental wellness.

Want to Check in with yourself daily?

Find out how you could use The Six Domains of Mental Wellness™

Fill in the form to discover how you can access the complete digital solution for The Six Domains of Mental Wellness, with e-learning portal licences available for individuals, higher education institutions and the workplace.  

The Six Domains of Mental WellnessTM a unique concept, developed by eQuality Solutions in partnership with the New Economics Foundation (who have previously worked with the NHS and Mind). The concept is the foundation to e-learning portal, Learning Labs, which includes e-learning content on the Six Domains, the complete digital domain assessment tool and actionable Labs to help you develop your mental wellness. Head to for further information.