Funding Approval Confirmation

We can confirm that Learning Labs has received DSA funding approval so needs assessors are able to recommend it for students in their needs assessment reports.

Although you can recommend it as a standalone product, Learning Labs is most effective combined with 1-2-1 training as together, they provide a more holistic learning solution.

The good news is that every month, 100’s of students are approved funding for Learning Labs and AT Training together, so there is no need to choose between them.

Recommending Learning Labs

Learning Labs could not be easier to recommend.

If you request quotes via email, just include Learning Labs for the required number of years in the quote request. If you use AT Quote, just select ‘Learning Labs – X Years’ from the ‘Online Training Tools’ section.

You don’t even need to change your providers as all DSA-QAG registered providers are Learning Labs approved resellers.

Contact Us

If you want to book a demonstration, request a free trial or need any further information, please get in touch

Learning Labs
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0191 230 6689