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Site licence options for Higher and Further Education

Learning Labs offers inclusive e-learning content in assistive technology, accessibility tools, study and career skills, plus a complete mental wellness hub for learning about, assessing and developing personal mental wellness. Find the site licence to meet your student needs.

Most popular

Licence option one: The complete solution

Learning Labs bundle

The complete bundle includes everything in Learning Labs AT and Learning Labs+ (see full details below).

With Labs on assistive technology, accessibility, remote working, study and career skills, plus the complete mental wellness hub and mentor collaboration functionality.

Licence option two:

Assistive technology & inclusivity

Learning Labs AT

Licence option three:

Mental wellbeing

Learning Labs Plus

Labs on AT, study/career skills, remote working and accessibility tools – no mental wellness hub or mentor collaboration functionality.

Mental wellness hub (domain explorer, assessments and development Action Labs), as well as mentor collaboration functionality – no Labs on AT, accessibility, remote working (Zoom/Teams) or study/career skills.

Assistive Technology Lab suites  

Mental wellness domain explorer

Study and career skills Lab suites

Mental wellness questionnaires

Accessibility Lab suites 

Mental wellness Action Labs 

Remote working Lab suites 

Mentor collaboration tool 

HEI mental wellness dashboard

There are two very different groups of people who need considering in a holistic approach to total university mental wellbeing:

  1. Learners (students and staff)
  2. HEI providers (e.g. wellbeing teams)

Each of these groups has their own, very different needs and Learning Labs Plus includes functionality to support both.

Learners can learn, assess and develop their personal mental wellness, and also invite a mentor to help guide their learning journey if they choose.

HEI providers can gain a real time insight into the mental wellness of their entire student population as well as compare domain progress over time, implement and record their own support activity and track and export reports to demonstrate impact.

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