Assistive Technology Tutorials

Our bite-size tutorials cover all of the key features of a wide range of popular assistive technologies.

The Learning Labs library currently includes Texthelp Read&Write, ClaroRead, MindView, Inspiration, Dragon, Audio Notetaker, Global Autocorrect, Notetalker and Olympus Sonority for both Windows and Mac with more Labs in the pipeline.

Learn by Doing, Watching or Reading

When it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. Being able to learn in multiple ways is highly beneficial; especially when one of these ways allows you to learn actively.

Unlike other platforms that only provide video, with Learning Labs you can learn by doing, watching or reading by utilising our software simulations, videos and plain text documents.

Office 365 Tutorials

Office 365 is free for most University students and is often used on a daily basis. While most students know how to use the basics of programs like Microsoft Word, there are loads of more advanced features that are great for helping you study.

Our Office 365 Lab will help you discover how to use these features, making you more productive than ever before.

Skills Booster Videos

Our Skills Booster Labs provide some excellent tips and tricks for helping you improve your personal, communication, employment and learning skills to help you in your studies and beyond.

Topics covered include improving your organisation, time management, problem solving, reading, researching, memory and workload management skills.

Trainer Recommendations

Our Trainer Recommendations system allows Learning Labs to work even better alongside 1-2-1 training. 

Using the system, you and your trainer can quickly flag the features covered during your sessions. This makes it much easier to identify and practice using them afterwards, which is vital for reinforcing your learning.

Learning Rewards

Do you think you know how to use your assistive software?

Do you want to find out?

If so, you can take a quiz, test your knowledge and when you pass, earn a Learning Labs accreditation certificate, which is great for evidencing your continued professional development. (CPD)

Automatic Updates

One of the big advantages of Learning Labs is that users now get access to automatic updates.

As your assistive technologies will likely be updated several times throughout the duration of your studies, this is vital for helping you learn about the changes, especially when you don’t have any more 1-2-1 training available.

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