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The Higher Education Institute (HEI) Wellness Index

A comprehensive breakdown of HEIs mental health resources and initiatives, powered by Learning Labs.
Download the full report below.

Key Takeaways

  • University of Essex, University of Roehampton and York St John University were the top performing universities.
  • 98% of universities that responded stated they had a dedicated department for addressing mental health concerns.

  • Over a third of the top performing HEIs in the social wellness domain were located in the south of England.

  • 97% of universities that responded provide students with access to counselling / cognitive behavioural therapy.

Download the HEI Wellness Index

You will also receive access to a text only accessible version of the HEI Wellness Index

How did we create the HEI Wellness Index?

  1. Freedom of information (FOI) requests were issued to UK universities targeting each of the six areas of wellness: emotional, physical, motivational, intellectual, spiritual, and social.

  2. The data generated from the FOI responses related to each university’s wellbeing provision spanning the past five years. The request required institutions to complete a series of Y/N questions and provide relevant links to the publicly available information as a prerequisite to being included in this report. This data was then analysed at an individual and regional level to produce the HEI Wellness Index. 

  3. Based on the data from 74 responding institutions, the universities have been ranked accordingly.

Who are eQuality Solutions?

The eQuality Solutions Group Limited (eQS) is a technology leveraged Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) specialist, offering expert support services and products across a growing portfolio of seven companies, one of which is Learning Labs.

eQS is focused on creating a more inclusive world through its disability services and DEI workplace divisions. The disability services division offers services including assistive technology equipment and training, non-medical help support as well as a digital platform for mental wellness development; whilst the DEI workplace division delivers full service consultancy on making the workplace more inclusive.