Improve Training Effectiveness

During training, you won’t need to worry about information overload or how to remember everything. Instead, relax and focus on building your confidence using the core features of your software, understanding the benefits and building the motivation to use it.

Reinforce your New Skills

After training, it's vital you reinforce learning through repetition but it’s difficult to do this if you can’t immediately remember how. Using our software simulations, you can actively practice but with guidance, reinforcing your new skills through successful repetition.

Access Long Term Support

Remembering everything you learn is going to be challenging, but as Learning Labs is with you long after training has finished, you can refresh your knowledge whenever you get stuck. This ensures you can get the best out of your assistive technologies for the long term.

Always Stay Up-To-Date

Most assistive technology packages get regular updates. This is great for accessing new and improved functionality but also means you will have more to learn in the future. As Learning Labs now comes with automatic updates, you can do this quickly and effectively.

Needs Assessors

Demonstrate Solutions During Assessments

Time available during assessments to demonstrate the variety of assistive technologies available is limited so you don’t want to waste time waiting for software to load or hunting for example documents. 

Spend that time wisely by demonstrating features quickly and easily using our software simulations and videos.

Keep Your Skills Up-to-Date

Access the latest versions and updated features of the assistive technologies and freeware applications you recommend to students so that your skills and knowledge are always up-to-date.

Satisfy CPD Requirements

Test your knowledge and earn a certificate for each one of our Labs by taking our quiz. This is great for evidencing your continued professional development (CPD).

Disability Advisors and Support Workers

Introducing AT to Students Before Assessment

As a disability adviser or support worker, you are often the first port of call for a student seeking help and advice. If you have a Learning Labs account, you can demonstrate to students what assistive technology might be available to them long before their assessment, helping them to become more knowledgeable and confident about the type of support available.

Increase Your Own Confidence

With Learning Labs, you can improve your own assistive technology knowledge and confidence. This will enable you to provide better advice, encourage students to use their assistive technologies and even integrate using them into your own support sessions.

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