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Learning Labs is designed to support learners, assessors, disability advisors and support workers through each stage of the assessment and training process.

We always look to improve and provide added value to our service offering where we can. This includes being able to log in anywhere, any time and speak to our expert support team by phone, email and text.

Pre-Assessment Stage: Disability Advisors and Support Workers

Disability advisors and support workers can use Learning Labs at pre-assessment stage to demonstrate what assistive technology software might be available to learners, or to improve on their own assistive technology knowledge and confidence


Assessment Stage: Needs Assessors

Needs assessors can quickly demonstrate the range of AT options and features available using Learning Labs’ software simulations and videos during learner assessments, making the most of time. Assessors can also keep their own skills and knowledge up to date and even test their knowledge to earn certificates, which can be used as evidence of continued professional development (CPD).


Training Stage: Learners

Using Learning Labs in conjunction with one-to-one training can help to avoid the learner abandoning their software and this also creates the most effective and unified learning experience. Long-term, online access to Learning Labs means learners can reinforce new skills when working independently and long after training has finished. Automatic updates also means learners are always working with the latest versions.   

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